5 Planning Differences Of Disneyland Resort (Vs. Disney World)


Disney World and Disneyland Resort both contain classic attractions, characters and much more Disney magic. However, there are planning differences between these 2 U.S. locations. For frequent Disney World visitors or first time Disneyland visitors, these 5 planning tips show just how different Disneyland Resort versus Disney World can be. Learn 5 planning differences of Disneyland vs. Disney World below.

1. Park Hopper

One of the disadvantages of Park Hopper at Disney World is travel time to actually park hop. However, at Disneyland Resort guests will find the 2 main theme park entrances across from each other. This close proximity makes park hopping at Disneyland Resort as easy as walking from one park entrance to the other, in minutes.

2. Dining Reservations

Disneyland Resort Dining reservations can be made at 60 days out, versus 180 days out at Disney World. To book, guests can call or book online. Or download the Disneyland app to make dining reservations, plus the ability to change or cancel from the app as well.

3. Resorts

Disneyland Resort offers 3 Resort options where as Disney World offers more than 30 on-site Resorts. Of the 3, the lowest price option is Paradise Pier Hotel. Al though, staying “on-site” at Disneyland Resort has less advantages than Disney World offers. For this reason and because of the in-city location, staying off-site at Disneyland Resort can be just as good an option with cheaper rates.

4. MaxPass

Guests can add Disney MaxPass for an additional $10 per day per ticket. It gives guests unlimited PhotoPass downloads for the day including ride photos and more. It also allows guests the convenience of booking Fastpass selections from the Disneyland App (as Disney World guests are used to). This will save you time and walking for paper passes from Fastpass machines. Unlike Disney World, Fastpass+ at Disneyland Resort are not made in advance. 

5. Less Days Needed

Past guests who have been to both Disney World and Disneyland Resort say that fewer days are needed to feel satisfied at Disneyland Resort. Disney World contains 4 main theme parks, 2 water parks plus Disney’s Boardwalk and Disney Springs. Where as Disneyland Resort contains 2 main theme parks and Downtown Disney. In each case I recommend at least 1 full day per park, excluding travel days. This would make Disney World a minimum of 6 days and Disneyland Resort a minimum of 4 days.

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