$50 The Children’s Place eGift Card Just $40


The PayPal Digital Gifts store on eBay has this $50 The Children’s Place eGift Card for just $40!

Your eGift card will be delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase.

Saving for Disney? Saving on gift cards is a great way to add to your fund. Take the cash equivalent of the value of your card from your appropriate weekly allowance. Pay for the gift card with it and put the difference between what you paid and the value of the gift card in your Disney Fund! So if you bought a $20 gas gift card for $17, you would take $20 out of your gas allowance and pay $17 for the gift card and put $3 in your Disney fund. Then put the gift card in your gas allowance envelope and spend it at the pump on your next fill up.

(Thanks Hip2Save!)

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