6 Pro’s & Con’s Of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge


Deciding on where to stay is no small decision for a Disney vacation. Especially with the vast amount of on-site Disney Resort options. One unique Disney Resort option is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Here are 6 Pro’s & Con’s for guests staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Pro: Animals

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge contains a total of 3 (11-acre) savannas with over 200 animals and birds from over 30 species that call it home. See African wildlife such as zebras, flamingos, giraffes and more. There are public viewing areas outside as well as many viewing windows in the Resort. A Savannah View Room will also have opportunities to view. Even if you are not staying in one of these rooms, they are seen from the lobby, walking down hallways and more. Making this a fun Resort to walk around, just for the Animal views, its like having your own safari anytime.

Con: Not All Savanna Views

When you think of Animal Kingdom Lodge, guests often think of balconies with animal views, however not all rooms have Savanna Views. There are over 1200 rooms at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and 724 offer a Savanna View. Then, 135 are Standard View (parking lot), 136 are Pool views and the rest are between Deluxe Pool View, Deluxe Savanna View & Concierge.

Pro: Culture

A stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge is an immersive experience. Explore the African food culture with free culinary tours. The 20 minute Sanaa Cultural Tour teaches guests about the cultural African pieces and a taste test of their bread service & sauces. The 30 minute Culinary Tour teaches African influences on décor and food, and includes taste testing from both Boma and Jiko restaurants. Find African-inspired architecture around the pools at the Resort. Furthermore, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has an amazing tie to art. It contains one of the largest collections of African art in the USA. Take a self guided tour and browse artifacts and read plaques, with Disney touches throughout the Resort. Try a new art program at this Resort as well.

Con: Far Away From Magic Kingdom & More

To accommodate the savannas and animals, Animal Kingdom Lodge needs more room than a typical Disney Resort. Therefore, this Resort is the furthest away from Magic Kingdom and Epcot, meaning more bus time to travel to parks when staying here. Hollywood Studios is also a bit of a ride, while Animal Kingdom is the closest park to Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Pro: Dining

Guests staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge are in luck for great on-site dining options. Animal Kingdom Lodge is home to a number of great restaurants such as: Jiko, Boma, Sanaa and more. In particular, Sanna has the famous Indian-style Bread Service with dipping sauces. Read: 5 Things you must try at Sanaa (with pictures). Another note-worthy dining option is The Mara, for the Zebra domes. They are delicious and reasonably priced dessert or snack. Even if you are not staying in the Resort, any guest may dine at the restaurants.

Con: Pricey

While a Disney Value Resort averages $148 per night, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge averages $370 per night. Animal Kingdom Lodge is a Deluxe Disney Resort. It does come with more amenities, such as waterslide and zero-entry at the 11,000 square foot Uzima Springs Pool.

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