7 Reasons To See Up! A Great Bird Adventure At Animal Kingdom


Guests will find Up! A Great Bird Adventure in Animal Kingdom. This show replaced the former long running Flights of Wonder. Here are 7 Reasons To catch Up! A Great Bird Adventure.

Enjoy music while waiting, then start with a brief back story and the show is on the way. Guests will enjoy sitting down for 30 minutes for the duration of the show.

Russell & Dug

See a duo of fun Disney-Pixar Characters! Russell & Dug join the show early on, within the first 5 minutes. They appear on and off throughout the show. The characters add an element of interest and entertainment for the youngest guests.


When Russell tells Dug to speak boy it is quite funny, in the opening scene of the duo. Throughout the show Russell & Dug share funny moments. The talking parrot is an impressive and funny segment! The parrot makes other animal noises and more! Also, prepare for chicken jokes.


In addition to Character fun and jokes, this show is educational as well. Learn fun and fascinating facts about different birds from around the world. See exotic birds take flight and enjoying snacks. Leave the show with much knowledge on many bird species.

Audience Participation

Select guests will be asked to stand in the aisle (depending where you are seated) and you may just have an up close look at a bird flight. Remember to stand still! Towards the end of the show, a couple of guests will be invited on stage for an up close winged encounter. Note, all audience participation with the live birds are adults only.

Bald Eagle

See an incredible bird, the majestic Bald Eagle. The Bald Eagle is the National Bird of the USA, named the national bird symbol in 1782. Learn a few facts and see the bird on stage.

7-Foot Wingspan

Another amazing winged encounter is the African Fish Eagle with an amazing 7-Foot Wingspan. Incredibly, these birds reach this size at just a few months old. Learn more incredible facts about this bird and see her fly.


This is a live-show with live animals. They do not always corporate. Some of the funny moments are unexpected, such as when a bird doesn’t quite follow instructions. Working with live animals adds unpredictability. For this reason, some shows can be very unique!

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