Get paid to complete surveys with Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost is another online survey site. It is free to register and you can start take surveys immediately after signing up. Once a member, you can be rewarded for completing surveys about pretty much everything you can imagine: politics, travel, soap, candy, toys, movies, etc. In return for completing a survey, you can be rewarded with points and/or an entry in a quarterly $10,000 drawing. Besides earning entries into their quarterly prize draw, Opinion Outpost offers some amazing rewards. Once you reach 100 points, you can covert it into a $10 PayPal payment. Amazon e-gift cards are also available, starting at 50 points ($5.00). Other rewards include, iTunes, an American Red Cross donation, Mileage Plus, and additional Prize Draw entries.

Once logged on to Opinion Outpost, you will see your dashboard. It is a page that displays all of your information regarding your account. Your current points are displayed, the amount of prize entries you have, and how many points you have redeemed. This is also the page where you click to take a survey. Just click on the green “take survey button”. From there, you will be asked pre-qualifying questions. Most surveys are good about letting you know early on if you do not qualify. This is one of the great things about Opinion Outpost. There is not a lot of time being used on a survey before letting you know you don’t qualify. Now this isn’t always the case, but it is more often than not. I have had many opportunities to take surveys that allow me to test a product at-home, and then take the survey portion after I have used the product. Not only do I get free products, I get paid to try them out!

Whether you are saving for Disney, or just need some extra cash, Opinion Outpost is definitely worth looking into!

Here’s what the readers have to say:

I like Opinion Outpost. There are frustrating times with any survey company I feel, but I’ve gotten great rewards from them. This past month I made $30 thanks to Opinion Outpost! – Gretchen

I love Opinion Outpost. You can also cash out with the Citi card and use it virtually online or spend the $1.50 to get the plastic card mailed to you (which I did). You have to have a minimum of $15 to cash out on the card but it’s pretty easy. I like being able to use it just like a pre-paid gift card. – Stephanie

I love this site too. I got $17 in an Amazon credit the other day. Well worth it! – Amy

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