Height Requirements For Disney World


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Walt Disney World is meant to be enjoyed by families, and that means a variety of rides that everyone, from the smallest mouse to the wisest owl, can enjoy.

However, there are a few rides with a little more thrill and a little less chill at all four of the Disney Parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios). These rides will employ height requirements.

Height requirements will vary by attraction, and are strictly enforced for safety reasons. Children will be measured by a cast member at the entrance for an attraction. Measure your child before you leave for vacation, so you (and they!) know which rides they can appreciate now and which ones they may have to wait until the next trip to enjoy.

If you are traveling with small ones in your party but still want to plummet down Space Mountain, no worries. The Rider Switch Program is set up for that very thing. Rider Switch allows your party to be spilt in two: some riding the attraction while someone waits with the baby. You can then switch, so the first waiting adult (and up to two additional guests) ride the attraction while someone else in the party waits with the little. The Rider Switch just moved from a paper to digital system and these rules are slightly different to what they were in the years of the paper ticket. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the new rules of Rider Switch before you go.

If your little one isn’t quite hitting the “must be this tall”, that’s okay! There are still exciting ride options for them: both Frozen Ever After (at Epcot) and Pirates of the Caribbean (at the Magic Kingdom) have no height requirements and include small drops. You can be any height and soar through the sky with Dumbo (at the Magic Kingdom) or experience real life animals at Kilimanjaro Safari (at Animal Kingdom). No matter how small or tall, there is a magical experience waiting for you at Disney World.

Height Requirements at the Magic Kingdom (6 attractions)

Height Requirements at Epcot (4 attractions)

Height Requirements for Hollywood Studios (7 attractions)

Height Requirements for Animal Kingdom (5 attractions)

Is your favorite ride one that has a height requirement? Are you more into thrill rides or chill rides? What kind of attraction do you think this park is missing? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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