Jeanette won $1,000



Last month Jeanette won the 100,000 SB ($1,000) Swagstakes! The entries were earned from spins on the Spin and Win Wheel. You earn spins by filling in squares on your Swago board (no longer available).  Jeanette shared her HUGE win with us in the Savears! If you only earned swagstakes entries on the spin and win wheel. Don’t be discouraged you could always potentially be the next big winner.  I am excited to see if another Savear wins it again this month!

Use code C2D70 to get started with 70 SB! New to Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a way to earn points by doing surveys, watching videos, and discovering new things. All these points, called SB, can be redeemed for gift cards from hundreds of major retailers including Target, Walmart, and you can also redeem your points for Paypal! 

If you are not a member of my Facebook group Saving for Disney with C2D (The SavEars) you should go join! It’s FREE and we help each other out. You don’t have to be saving for Disney to join. It’s a fun way for all of us to connect, and get to know other like minded individuals. If you are new to Swagbucks, they will be more than happy to help you along and answer any questions you may have!

Every day there is a new daily thread started that lists ways to earn Swagbucks. This helps everyone reach their goals.  Just search Swagbucks after you go to the Savears group and you will see it!


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