Kristen B’s Disney Fund Deposit 3/15


What a difference a few weeks makes.

And I owe it all to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Kinda.

The nonsense with the airline credit threw me for a loop, but after talking with my people I decided that I wasn’t going to let it throw off my groove. I’m working with a fantastic travel agent (Hi, Elizabeth!) who was super patient and priced out two million options for me, so we were full steam ahead.

The morning I went to put down my deposit, Disney announces the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Not in November, as was widely rumored, but in August. Before my trip. Those Stars and their Wars and their CROWDS would be there for my nice, low key, little solo trip.

Before you could say midichlorians, all the room offers and discounts vanished. The hotel I was moments away from booking no longer had any availability.

Could I not catch a break with this trip?

This felt like a sign I really should cancel. First the airline credit, then the First Order… I mean, c’mon.

I said that very thing to my bestie the next day, who replied, “Well, you can’t cancel it, because I am coming.”

Um, what?

“Yeah, we’re going to have a girl’s trip. I’ve already bought my plane ticket, so you’re stuck with me. We haven’t done one in years. It’s time. And I’m not afraid of Star Wars.”

In the course of less than 24 hours my trip was off, and back on again, but this time with an extra person! What a difference a few weeks makes.

Almost as soon as that was decided, I got an email. Seems like the airline in question wanted to apologize for the way my credit situation had gone down and was offering me a $50 voucher. It was a nice gesture i wasn’t expecting, but it also felt like a sign. But this time, all signs were pointing towards a girl’s trip. So in the words of Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster!

The best part about booking is that I now have a concrete idea of what I am saving for. And, splitting the room with someone also means splitting the price. Here is how it breaks down:

  • 3 Nights @ Port Orleans-$383.62
  • 1 Day Base Ticket-$116
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Ticket-$84
  • Plane Ticket-$200
  • Food-$250
  • Tips & Miscellaneous-$16
  • Total-$1050

You’ll notice that there is no fund for souvenirs. Don’t worry, I will be brining home some magic for all my little bees. My goal is to use my Disney Visa for all the payments and immediately pay off with cash. This will help me earn Rewards points, which I can have loaded right to my Redemption card before I leave. I’m going to empty out my Disney Rewards Card now, to pay for the trip. That will leave me with a clean slate to earn points on and lay the groundwork for my souvenirs budget.

I’m also hoping that if I nab the plane ticket at the right time, I can get a good deal and shift some of those funds towards souvenirs or food. I’d like to keep the budget of this trip where it’s at, but I also know that I’m going to need a sizable food budget since we’re doing Food & Wine Festival on our park day. I’ve never done Food & Wine or Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party, and now I get to do them both in a few days! With my best pal! I am back to being super jazzed about this trip.

It’s bananas to me that the last time I posted, I was considering canceling my trip and now here I am, daydreaming about what snacks I am going to eat at Epcot.

What a difference a few weeks makes.

March 15th Deposits

2021 Family Trip

                               Goal: $8000

                              After Last Deposit: $7950

                              Total Deposit: $0

                              Still Need: $7950

2019 Solo Trip

                              Goal: $1050

                              After Last Deposit: $1019.38

                              Total Deposit: $101.73

                                          $51.73, Disney Visa Rewards

                                          $50, Airline Voucher

                            Still Need: $917.65

Have you ever had a trip start out as one thing and change into another? Did Galaxy’s Edge put a damper on your vacation plans? When was the last time you took a Girls Trip? Let me know after the jump!

Kristen B. is wife to the best Prince around, mama to the spunkiest little princesses, and lover of all things Disney. She started her savings journey five years ago and is now dedicated to making her family’s wishes come true one coupon at a time. She is so excited to take her love of saving to the next level and share her journey with you! Click here to catch up on Kristen’s Savings and join in on your own savings adventure!

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