New Lion King Shirts For The Family ROAR Into Walmart


On a recent shopping trip to Walmart, I found a great display of new Lion King apparel in front of the toy section!  The Lion King has always been one of my favorite movies, so little 8-year-old me is jumping and down and squealing to see Simba, Nala and the rest of the Pridelands make a triumphant merchandising return!  Just take my money, Walmart!   We’ll definitely be wearing our new Lion King swag to see the movie!

A very few of these are also online, but for the most part they seem to be in-store.  Also, I noticed that these are flying off the shelves, as some of the sizes were already sold out in my store.

$4.97  Infant-Toddler sizes

$4.97 Infant-Toddler sizes


$7.98  Girls sizes/cut

$6.97 Boys Sizes/cut.  These are also online for the same price.

$7.88 Adult Sizes

$7.88 Adult Sizes.   The Hakuna Matata shirt is online and is only $6.50!  Now I’m mad, I could have saved $1.33, but mine is already in the washer!  Sigh.  I need Elsa over here- Let It Go… Let It Goooooooooooo.

Hakuna Matata, y’all!

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