Target Toy Clearance 50% Off


I was in an exceptionally good mood this clearance chasing trip. Last year’s clearance was so crazy across the board. Starting, ending, percentage drop offs. I don’t know if this year the sales have returned to form or I’ve finally adjusted to the no pattern pattern, but it seems like I’ve got my bearings again.

Now that I’ve said that, watch everything gets turned upside down next week.

But instead of worrying about next week, I’m choosing to live in the moment. And in this moment, Target Toy Clearance at my stores is at 50%. Remember, price drops will vary by store and region, but if you haven’t seen 50% yet, I bet it is coming soon. My store wants last year’s toys gone and how. How do I know? They’ve already rearranged the toy section! They stopped leaving clearance toys in the regular aisles and moved them all to their own aisles and the occasional end caps. They’re just begging for someone to take these toys off their hands.

Which leads me to my regular reminder: if you see something you (or you child) loves (or needs) now is the time to grab it. There is no guarantee stores will go past 50% clearance or that someone else won’t come along and decide they (and their children) love (and need) all ten remaining Our Generation dolls. It’s all a calculated risk. On to the deals!

Always Be Scanning. Everything I scanned from the end caps were ringing up 50% off, but marked for 30%.

All the fidget spinners. Here is where you take my above advice with a grain of salt. There are two million of these. They will probably drop to 70% off.

I wish I could have found that little boy from last week and be like, “Look! They’re even cheaper now! Make your mom buy you more!”

Last week, I spotted BeeKeeper Barbie and fell in love. Drummer Rocker Barbie is a close second.

Didn’t this movie JUST come out? Grab this deal!

Toy clearance is great for stocking stuff, goody bag, Easter basket type gifts.

Look at all these 50% Tsum Tsums!

Kylo Ren is not happy to be clearanced.

These awesome Star Wars Tsum Tsum sets are 70% off!

As were these adorable Bunny Tsums Tsums, which came home with me. We’re (still) potty training the Frying Pan, and I need some rewards. For $2.98, this comes to $.59 a bunny. Perfect.

KidCraft Princess Castle down to $74.98. This is the type of thing I keep my eye on, but don’t get my hopes up. My girls don’t really need it, at 50% off…but if it went to 70% off, then it’s too good of a deal to pass up.

If you don’t need the Princess Brand, then grab the KidCraft Dottie Dollhouse at 50% off, $49.98.

These scooters were $79.99 and they’re down to $23.99. I might have to grab one if they’re still there next week.

Beekeeper Barbie! She’s waiting for me! Again, these signs lie. All the stuff down below was 50% off, and the Our Generation outfits were 70% off.

One of which came home with me.


I like this design for the Pony toys. But with small things like this, I definitely wait for 70% off.

I felt like my store had a lot more girls toys discounted than boys toys.

Poppy Doll discounted to $14.98. Fun fact, the majority of that is paying for her hair.

Even heroes who save China do not escape the 50% aisle.

This money, who may also be a doctor, was down to $14.99.

Ricky the Trick Lovin’ Pup was discounted for you Deal Lovin’ Parents. Down to $64.98 from $129.99.

This tool kit was so cool, I didn’t take a picture of it’s price tag. I was too dazzled. 50% off, though.

Thomas’s Super Station only $48.98. That is a crazy awesome looking toy.

This play pre-tend BBQ set was 70% at $7.48. Very tempting…

Oh, how’d she sneak in there? My deal hunting buddy. Not for sale! 🙂

I did pretty good this trip. Two things, kept it under $8. But I’ve got my eye on a looooot of stuff. So if we drop to 70% next week like I am hoping and praying, then I am going to be in trouble. But like, a good trouble. The kind of trouble where you are prepared for next Christmas trouble.

How’s your toy clearance shopping going? Show me all the great stuff you got in the comments!

Kristen B. is wife to the best Prince around, mama to the spunkiest little princesses, and lover of all things Disney. She started her savings journey three years ago and is now dedicated to making her family’s wishes come true one coupon at a time. She is so excited to take her love of saving to the next level and share her journey with you! Click here to catch up on Kristen’s Savings and join in on your own savings adventure!

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